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Full text of "Pacific Palisades Business Improvement District 2016 Meeting Minutes and Agendas"

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Pacific Palisades BID 


Wednesday, December 7, 2016 8:30AM 
Location: UDO Real Estate, 15233 La Cruz Drive, Pacific Palisades 

In Attendance - 

• Board Members : Lee Ford, Susan Carroll, Shaun Malek, Joyce Brunelle, Elliot Zorensky, Don 
Scott, Lynn Borland 

• Executive Director : Laurie Sale. Additional Attendees : Sue Pascoe, Staci Mitchel, Rick Stoff 
(Chrysalis), Michael Moore, Jimmy Soliman, Rusty Redican, Lou Kamer (PPPC), 

• Excused : DeeDee West, Rick Lemmo, Asvina Narain 

Public Comment: 

• Lou Kamer, PPPC rep at large discussed: 

o Cheap website hosting for small local businesses & organizations is available 

($50/month for 1,000). Joyce Brunelle invited Lou to present this to Chamber as it fits 
their mission better. We could put the website option on our website, 
o WiFi for Village stores 

o Stores on Swarthmore are struggling due to construction. Promotions? 

• Sue Pascoe wants the meeting dates and agendas on our website. 

Welcome & Introductions: 

• Elliot Zorensky opened the meeting at 8:30AM 

• Minutes from October 5, 2016 and November 9, 2016 meeting: Elliot made a motion to approve 
them. Susan Carroll was first; Lee Ford was the second. 

Report from LAPD/SLO from Officer Moore, Rusty Redican and Jimmy Soliman 

• No business crimes this month 

• New e-mail system:, the new e-mails are as follows: 

o Officer Moore 27995@LAPDONLINE.COM 
o Officer Redican 36245@LAPDONLINE.COM 
o Officer Soliman 3937Q@LAPDONLINE.COM 

• Flomeless issue -. Homeless task force is doing a great job. 35% drop in homeless in the 
Palisades?! Palisades is a model for how to deal with homeless. Laurie will send a letter 
commending them. 

• Lynn Borland commented on problems with Paparazzi. Officer Redican recommended video 
taping the trespassing and calling the cops. 

Report from Councilman Bonin's Office - none 

Report from Chrysalis - Rick Stoff 

• Worked Ho Ho Event; everyone appreciated how clean it was. 

• Working on next year's budget right now. Salary increase not until July. 

• Still no storage for carts. Try Park - Sharon 

• Laurie invited Chrysalis to our lunch next week. Rick will see if they can switch days (Friday to 

Appreciation Lunch is set for next Wednesday, December 14 at Ritrovo. We have invited fireman, 
police officers, Chrysalis and will invite OPCC task force and new Chamber President, Susan Payne. 

Sue Pasco will put something in the paper. We will hang a big banner on front of Ritrovo. All the Board 
is expected to attend. ..time is 11:30-2:00PM. 

Report - Planning commission Caruso Village Project - Rick Lemmo absent 
Financial Update: Don Scott 

• We will hire Fabio Vasquez to do our audit & taxes. They do many BIDS, including Hollywood. 
The price is $3500. Susan moved to approve. Joyce 1 st ; Elliot 2 nd : Book them for January. 

• We will plan a meeting with City employee, Rick Scott in January. 

• Financial Task Force met last week. Two requests are made: 

o Staci will take minutes & do bookkeeping. We request she make $75/hour; 
$1500/Quarter limit. 

Don moved to approve. Joyce 1st, Elliot 2 nd . 

o Laurie is working much more than expected for $1000/month; We request an increase 
to $2000/month. Don moved to approve. Lee 1 st ; Elliot 2 nd . 

• Don reminded us that Grants are available for MTA Beautification, sidewalk repairs, 50/50 
program. Don will work with PRIDE who is hoping to do this already. 

Old Business: 

• Chrysalis still needs a storage location (said twice as it's important). 

Report from Task force on Projects for the rest of 2016 - Susan & Shaun 

• Solar lights are installed on 4 trees on Sunset. It took more lights than initially thought. We 
will work on getting permanent lighting for year round and Shaun will continue to manage this 

• Welcome posters are being distributed. Newspaper Ads ran last week and first of year. $800 
total using the artwork on the posters. Ask Susan for posters to display. 

• Banner on wall of Ritrovo is $850. Decided not to do it as the Design Review Board would not 
approve it. 

Pressure wash contract 

• New guy is a one man show. We have a contract for a year. It is hard to get a hold of him. We 
have not paid him anything. 

New Business: 

Year 2 Plan & Goals and Feedback on Annual Meeting 

• We don’t need to spend $300 for Aldersgate Retreat Center. 

• We will do the Annual Meeting in November again. 

• We will continue to meet once a month. We feel like we are starting to accomplish things. 

• Laurie will send us meeting dates. 

Sue Pascoe invited us to Jeff's retirement party tonight from 4-7 behind Ed's bicycle shop on Via de la 

Meeting adjourned 

Next meeting is Wednesday, January 4, 2017 8:30AM UDO Real Estate 15233 La Cruz Drive, Pacific 

The Pacific Palisades BID follows the California Ralph M. Brown Act - all meetings shall be open and public except when the 
Brown Act authorizes otherwise